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01 August 2006 @ 10:05 pm
It's peanut butter memey time  
I got tagged! Yaaaaaaaaay!

1) I have ligyrophobia - a literal fear of loud noises. Ever since I was little, loud, sharp noises have given me a strange and unpleasant physical reaction - generally some sort of twitch. An example would be feeling as if someone tied a string to my stomach, ran it up through my head, and jerked it hard.
2) I have perfect pitch. Play me a note and I can tell you what it is. Again, this was something I discovered as a kid, when my grandma would play notes on the piano in the other room and I would identify them. It's basically the audio equivalent of seeing colors. I have trouble classifying really sharp or flat notes one way or the other, sort of like how it's tough to differentiate red-orange and orange-red, but generally speaking, they're pretty clear.
3) I suck at most sports involving a ball. I'm lousy at determining the position of something flying around in midair, and I've never had the desire to try to improve at this.
4) The palm bones attached to my little fingers are abnormally short, and the knuckles look strange (dimpled instead of rounded like all the others). The fingers themselves are of normal length, and they only come up to the first knuckle of my ring fingers. The last joints of my thumbs are about half the standard length.
5) I took differential equations as an elective because I was curious about what happened after multivariable calculus. Plus, skurtchasor was teaching it, and he really is an awesome teacher.
6) In seventh grade, one of my favorite pastimes was putting on Crystalis and my Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons Anthology CD at the same time and just running through the game. That was another game I loved and knew well, and I was addicted to oldies at the time, so there you go. For years afterward, Four Seasons songs would remind me of different stages of Crystalis. The associations have been lost by now, though.

If any of you have already done this, plz to be ignoring teh taggage. I can't remember who has done what.

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