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Peacock talon

A mostly painted peacock talon

This thing was much more of a pain in the ass to paint than I thought it would be. So many finicky bits had to be redone to get them to look smooth and dark, and of course I had to doof up the basic hammered metal effect once or twice and therefore repaint a bunch of the prop. Fun fun fun. At least I finally got rid of most of the bare and thin spots that showed up bright and clear under a flash.

At least my feathers are here, and they were definitely worth the wait. The pink and white goose feathers are gorgeous. The peacock eyes are HUGE. This means they won't fit on the pointy fan (which defeats the purpose of having ordered a bunch to begin with...bleh), but I can paint on fake eyes and use my magical interference green paint to add some glittery pertiness to the prop.
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