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Apparently someone decided to use my ear canals as a cement mixer. I went to the doctor today to have them irrigated, but that barely did anything, so she told me to put olive oil in my ears overnight for the next couple of days and come back on Wednesday. Let's hope this works.

Zhang He's armor is about 95% painted. All it needs are some touchups around the edges and on the "faces" on the gold butterflies. Then I get to figure out how to put it together. I also get to twiddle my thumbs and wonder why my feathers aren't here yet. My order did go through...I guess Canada Post really is that slow. I hope I have my foofy trim in time for Otakon, but if I don't, I'll bring the costume anyway. I did the base gold coat on one of my peacock talons, too.

I didn't really feel much like painting this evening because it's ridiculously hot and the paint tends to dry fast, so I worked on Zhu Rong's skirt instead. That pattern I thought was done? Nope. I copied it to Pattern-Ease and tried it on, and it rode up when I moved because it didn't have enough walking ease. Oops. With a moderate amount of frustration, I figured out how to fix that (split on hip darts and front center line, spread, graft in wedges - I'd do the back center, too, but it had enough room already), so hopefully tomorrow's version will be final.

Also, I got OMGWTFSHINY syndrome for Seung Mina's 1-player Soul Calibur III outfit. (The red and green one.) Yay cotton sateen! Yay Wonder Under applique!
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