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My lazy ass

Feh. Me and my damn lazy journaling. I'm kicking ass in the gym, but I can never seem to record my stuff in a timely fashion...and then I develop a backlog, which means more stuff to type in at once. Screw it. I've decided to just post each week's workouts instead. At the moment, I'll just brag about what I've worked up to. ^_^

Bench press - 3 reps @ 100 pounds
Squat - 3 @ 115
Deadlift - 3 @ 155 (my bodyweight!)
Chin-up - I can do five reps in a ladder where I do a rep, wait 15 seconds, and repeat. I'm increasing the difficulty to a 1/2/1/2 ladder, which I can't yet complete, but I'll get it soon. ^_^
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