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01 July 2006 @ 01:20 am
The peacock talons are mostly glued together. All that's left is to put the trim on the pointy bits. If you're wondering what the heck I'm talking about, they're the weapons in this picture (copy and paste the link). I realized that my trim is a tad wider than it should be, but eh, whatever, it'll work. Zhang He has some form of these claws in all of his Dynasty Warriors appearances, but I like the DW3 reference best because I can actually match the curve of the plates without going into patterning and darting hell.

The stupid back collar on my armor wasn't quite glued right. So I fixed that, and I have to let it cure before I can do the rest of the painting. Blergh. At least both pauldrons are done the way I wanted them. I wound up putting a wash of dark purple around the black shadows to deepen and soften them, and the result looks great.

I'm very happy I invested in a Fabulous Fit dressform. I saw my poor halfway done Zhu Rong skirt pattern on its hanger, and I felt like messing with it. My dressform made this a breeze. It's easy to pin right into, and it has handy dandy lines for front, side, and princess seams, which makes it simple to place darts. I lined up the skirt so its funky shaped hemline was properly oriented, pinned the top in place (ignoring the bagginess for the time being), and then went around and took it in at the appropriate lines. And the dressform approximates my body shape quite well, so the resulting mess o' pinned muslin actually fits. Wow.
Current Mood: accomplished
Current Music: Sehnsucht - Rammstein