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Since some of you (HI, MOM) are's a brief State of the Interior Design Project address.

We're going to hire Veronesi Contracting to handle our living room drywall and the tasks of digging metal bolt anchors out and patching them, but we need to finish putting up the wall frame first. Josh should be able to do that this weekend. I want to get the new wall done, but I also need a plan for moving the furniture, cleaning up, and painting the walls before I give the contractors the go-ahead to mess up our living room. Luckily the agonizing paint decision is almost done. Read on.

I've finally decided upon a final color scheme for the living room. Finally. Yeah. Wow. Muted neutral green, blue, and brown, and possibly blue-gray. This will give that "natural landscape arboretum dealy" look I'm after. It really helped to take my curtain swatch to a store with paint chips and pick out various nature colors that went well with the swatch. I've decided that the living room will be painted a pale Delft blue shade from Benjamin Moore. Their paint is top quality, and of all the various swatches I've hung on the wall and stared at in various light and held the curtains up to, I liked this one the best. I thought I'd want cream walls, but they look too yellow next to the curtains, which are actually a neutral shade of sage. Now I just have to decide which intensity. That will require paint samples. Randy and I like a color called Sea Foam, which is the second subtlest color on the chip, but it may be too bright on a larger area. I'll have to test and see.

I still think I want to make the fireplace corner into accent walls, but I have no blipping clue what the color should be. Bleh.

I discovered that Comfy 1 (the awesome couch company) can get a wide variety of smooth synthetic solid-colored fabrics, so when I returned my first round of samples, I sent them some paint chips with solid colors to match. Hopefully I'll wind up with more good options this time. The first round of samples was pretty much a bust. I did like the one neutral dark green striped fabric, but I'd prefer something more medium and possibly solid. We'll see what happens.
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