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Damn it, not again

Getting married = most excellent. Deadlifting 150 pounds on Tuesday = spiffy. Having arm owies that seem to be the result of grumpy rotator cuffs = teh sux0r. This is eerily reminiscent of the knee problems I had a while back. I've been doing rotator cuff exercises every other day (with embarrassingly teeny dumbbells - it turns out that there is a good use for itsy-bitsy pink neoprene TP rolls), I found some trigger points in my shoulder blades earlier today, and benching on Tuesday didn't seem to aggravate anything, so I'm optimistic, but still, I couldn't do chin-ups last time I worked out because my arms were bothering me, which was annoying. Maybe I can replace that exercise with bent-over barbell rows for the time being.

Oh yeah...I still have to catch up on my workout log. Bad bad me. =P
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