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Buzzkill. Literally.

Me driving to work on Friday morning: "Wait a minute. This does not sound like rock and/or roll. Buhwhuzzat. Need coffee."

Way back when I discovered 105.9 The Buzz, it quickly became my favorite radio station. State College has other modern rock channels, but The Buzz played a unique mix of hard rock and more mellow rock, such as Coldplay, that coordinated well with it. It had the Chris and Jim morning show, which was local, long-running, and popular.

So what did its owners do? If you guessed that they switched it to "hot country" with no warning whatsoever - let alone a chance for fans to try to save the format - you win all the empty pop cans on my desk. (There's also a sleepy Chester, but he's not for sale or trade.)

Yeah. Because the first goddamned thing that comes to mind when you run the radio dial in central PA is that there isn't enough country. And because there's no such thing as Froggy 98, a well-known country station with a huge fan base and a signal that reaches up here loud and clear. And because dull crapola like "hot country" is going to magically appeal to fans of modern rock. You know, I do like some country. If it's a good song, I'm not going to hate on it just because of its genre label. Example: Garth Brooks' "Thunder Rolls". But that's the type of country found on Froggy, which is not a "hot" station. The "music" they were playing on 105.9 when I thought the morning show was pranking somebody? Boring shit with a twang.
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