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Four more days

(Note: the current music is our first dance song. It's from the Final Fantasy - Pray album. Download it. It's perty.)

Last week I was starting to freak, but now I'm just getting excited. It is getting more difficult to concentrate at work, which sucks, but at least I'm taking Friday off. (I kinda sorta need to in order to get to Pittsburgh in time for the rehearsal...but it's good to have a break before the big event, too.) I'm going back to work on Tuesday. (Honeymoon = vacation time that I don't have + money that I don't have + planning that we didn't want to do. So yeah.)

Earlier this evening, I got my very first manicure and pedicure. (Who wants to wear sandals with crusty, snaggly-toed feet?) I picked a downtown salon out of the yellow pages, and it turned out to be this very classy and relaxing spa-like place. The bill for services came out to around $60, which pleasantly surprised me.

Awwww...Chester just dropped a mousie next to my computer. I'm going to miss the little angelcakes while we're gone. The pet sitting service will take good care of them, though.

Anyway, I got this pale pink polish that looks pretty natural, and if I fuck it up, the salon people said that I can come back and get a touchup. I think it should last because it has all kinds of topcoat and weird ninja nail products on it, but I'm staying away from lifting this week just to be sure. (I've broken nails by bumping them against plates.) I'm not just being lazy - this week is nutty enough as it is, and even if I'd wanted to go today or yesterday, it would have been damn difficult to squeeze the gym into my schedule. I'll just start week 3 of the program next week instead.

That reminds me...I have to dig up my workout log and post the last two. Yay for procrastination, eh?
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