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We drove to Columbus, Ohio, to hang out with Pat, Jamie, Anna, Thar, Ernie, Ai, and Dave. They have a monthly RPG session that alternates between Columbus and Bloomington, Illinois. Columbus isn't a bad drive from here (6 hours plus stops), so we figure we can see people every so often instead of once a year. It was great to visit, give plenty of attention to Pat and Jamie's adorable cats (who love to curl up together in a cat pile), and play assloads of Dynasty Warriors 5: Empires while people were role-playing (which doesn't often interest me).

Speaking of DW stuff, here is the current state of Zhang He Armor 2.0...2.0. I'm also working on the prototype of the peacock talon weapons. Why? Because I can. Because I can complete them in under a week once the pattern is done. (I got my strike claws together in four days flat. I had made multiple prototypes and two failed attempts at a production piece, and that gave me more than enough practice. The construction of the peacock talons is similar enough that that practice will transfer.) And because if I don't get them done before Otakon, I'll just bring my strike claws instead.
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