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Brief update

I have no idea what version number the remake of Armor 2.0 should get, so let's just call it Armor 2.0. At any rate, it's cut out and shaped and sitting on Jenkins. Although her upper back needs an inch or two of padding to properly simulate the depth of my oafy back, she's close enough that she really expedited the process of bending the armor. Instead of having to keep taping the chest and back onto myself, I could just hold the tops of the shoulders on the form to see how it sat. After I got done bending the chest and back, I taped them together and tried them on, and they fit perfectly. The pauldrons were then shaped to fit over the chest and back (and fussed around with a buttload until they're nearly symmetrical - you can only tell that they aren't perfect twins when they're lined up directly against each other, and even then, the difference is quite small).

I got my couch fabric and wood samples today. The bad news is that most of the fabric choices don't work. Some are much more rough and industrial-looking than they seemed to be online. Others just clash with the curtains. Either the undertone of the green looks wrong or the pattern doesn't go. (This is important because one couch will be right in front of a window.) The good news is that I now have a much better idea of what would work. Stripes look fine next to the curtains' leaf pattern because they're not competing with it in a way that a nature print would, and the striped fabric (which is great - classy-looking and very smooth and tightly woven and interestingly shiny) is available in various greens and browns that go well with the curtains' shade of sage. Also, the furniture company's website mentions that they have many durable synthetic solid-colored fabrics that feel soft like cotton. (I want synthetic for the awesome stain resistance.) So when I return this round of swatches, I'll request the rest of the stripes and some assorted solids, using the stripe swatch card as a color reference. (They can do that - in fact, they prefer it if you can point to swatches as examples of what does and does not work.)
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