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During the course of yesterday's yard work, I discovered that the outside lights are powered by a plain electrical cord laid in the dirt around the pine tree. No conduit.

Tonight, I discovered that the windowsill of the small dining room window has had a chunk gouged out of it to make room for the Frankensteined-in air conditioner. WAY TO RESPECT THE ORIGINAL ARCHITECTURE.

And it took over two hours and much frustration just to remove the curtains off that window. Not only was the top rod mounted at a height that's very uncomfortable for me to try to work with (I have to crane my neck and reach all the way up, and I can't keep good control of the screwdriver and I start getting fatigue all over my neck), the screws were goddamned impossible to remove until Ogre had at them. One of them had been inserted in such a way that it cracked the drywall, requiring a patch. Others have some weird sunk metal washer thingies underneath them, and I have a feeling those are going to have to get crowbarred out somehow. Oh yeah, and the jackass previous owner painted over the rod mounting hardware, so there are bare spots on the wall.

To top it all off, I'm now seeing unmatched patches of paint on the wall. As in multiple shades of white. Some of these were hidden by the previous curtains, and they're going to be seen now because I'm not hanging mine ridiculously high and wide. Somebody please tell me that you can paint over latex one wall at a time. Please. It's going to drive me batshit because it looks like ass, but I don't want to redo the entire room at the same time. And I have enough patching to do on the bare spots anyway. Oh yeah, and whoever painted the wall has no idea what painter's masking tape is. There are splashes of white on the dark wood window frame.

I'm starting to feel like Sisyphus and his rock. And I had been having fun. Somebody please tell me it gets better. I'm thinking we might want to pay the drywall contractor to help us have at the stupid curtain rods, too.

Seriously, what in the hell happened to DO IT CORRECTLY OR DON'T DO IT AT ALL?! This shoddy workmanship pisses me off. This isn't a Halloween costume that you made in a week on short notice and are only going to wear once. THIS IS A HOUSE. Home improvements are supposed to hold up well for years.
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