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More living room thoughts

Heh. Home renovation blather has replaced the copious cosplay writings of 2005.

Since I want to paint the wall o' former suckitude, it's really best to drywall it. Though that's a feasible home project, it can also be annoying and messy. Luckily, it doesn't seem to cost that much to have drywall professionally installed, and I'm told that the lack of mess and aggravation (a good contractor will have sanders that hook up to a shop vac and suck up the dust before it can get all over your house) is well worth the price of labor. Plus, a pro can easily patch up the dents and swaths of missing paint on the adjacent wall and ceiling so they'll be ready for us to paint.

Incidentally, not having to buy lauan was A Good Thing(tm). Lowe's has a minimum price for home delivery, and I doubt the wood would have added up to it. I was able to fit the requisite 2x2's and 2x4's for the wall frame into my car. 4'x8' plywood would not compute at all. Thus, the wood is here, we don't have to worry about meeting a delivery truck, and it will have plenty of time to acclimatize before this weekend.

I finally got around to ordering the perty leaf print sage curtains. I also did some sewing supply organization. Chester wasn't too happy about being shut out of my office during the process (he was too curious about the open closet door), but I think he's okay now. I'm quickly running out of padded trouser hangers for fabric.

Hey aitai and skurtchasor...did I just find your lamp? I've been coveting it since I first laid eyes upon its hydra-esque awesomeness, and now it seems that I can finally get one of my own. w00t.
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