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Blargh. I was way too eager to get back to the gym after my wisdom teeth came out, and I overreached myself and started getting creaky. Because of that, and because I'm more in the mood for boot campy stuff than I am for picking up heavy things, I'm just going to work on completing Round and Round Workout A without any breaks. (This goal will take a while. The best I've ever done was most of the 10-rep round, breaks included, and that was last fall when this was my main workout.) The workout really does give you a good base of strength even though it's all bodyweight exercises. It's difficult bodyweight exercises, which is key. So...Round and Round three days a week for a while, and now that the good Concept II rower is fixed, I've gotten back to working on my rowing, too. I made some new happy fun iPod playlists to keep me company.
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