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Shelf destruction - part 1

zeriel came over and ripped out a bunch of the crappy, extremely amateurish shelving on our fireplace wall, snarking about the shoddy construction the entire time. ("They used finishing nails on something structural. They painted over screws? WTF") The non-structural wood beams behind the shelves are also badly done, so he's going to redo those before putting up the new, non-sucky wall.

Tonight was the last night of the spring bar league. I got a 109, 122, and 91, which works out to about average. We'll be joining the summer league, which starts up on May 28.

It's good not to be going batshit with costume deadlines. I've actually been quite lazy with that, though. Feh. Must...finish...sanding...gesso...and being paranoid of sewing my vinyl leg warmer "boots" doesn't help, either. At least I found some cute black cotton Chinese shoes.
Tags: general bullshit, interior design
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