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Abandoned turnpike

Let me attempt to recap our trip to the abandoned stretch of the Pennsylvania turnpike near Breezewood. It's owned by a conservancy and people are allowed to walk or bike it as they wish.

5 miles of hiking. In brand new jungle boots. No blisters. Tired feet, though. I was glad I brought said boots because we wound up climbing up the side of a very steep hill and schlepping through mud.

The Sideling Hill Tunnel is 1.3 miles. We walked through it twice (rather disappointed that we could always see the light from both ends - I had read that it was supposed to be as pitch black as a cave in the middle - it was basically a long dark walk with lots of unoriginal and boring graffiti to keep us company, not the creepy journey through an inkwell that I had imagined) and explored the ventilation rooms at each end. There's a service crawl space that runs the full length of the tunnel. We didn't walk it for obvious reasons of ZOMG DANGER, but we did poke our heads in. While upstairs in that service area, I did my best siren impersonation (a vocal exercise) and surprised John, who thought it sounded realistic but had no idea what it was from.

The ventilation rooms look like Silent Hill plus a crapload of boring graffiti. You'd think that the sixth person to spray paint "420" and/or a crudely drawn pot leaf would have realized that their mark on the remnants of civilization had been done before, but eh. We got tons of good pictures. But I'm all worn out, so I'll deal with them later.
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