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Four less teeth

I had my wisdom teeth yanked yesterday. Three were straightforward extractions. The fourth was horizontal under my gum. I was grumpy and bitchy yesterday due to lack of food and the unpleasant taste in my throat and also because generic Vicodin does jack diddly for pain. All it did was give me a random unpleasant dizzy, spotty, nauseous cold sweat. At least lying on the floor fixed that. Still...bleh.

At least the surgery itself was easy (I had an IV of something that hurt my hand like a bastage when circulating through, but I don't think I made 95 when counting down from 100, and the next thing I knew, I was awake and done). At least the three easy teeth don't bother me any more. The fourth is going down. It's now vaguely unpleasant instead of actively sore. I have chipmunk face on that side of my mouth, but I really don't care. Chester kitty is keeping me company. He's been a very whiny boy all day long.

I'm starting to feel normal (except for the weird mouth, that is). I plan to go to a matinee of Silent Hill with people tomorrow. As a fan of the series, I have to see it, although my hopes are not high. I think that's a good thing, though. I went to Hostel out of curiosity, expecting it to be a pointless, dumb, nihilistic splatterfest, and was entertained because it had a plot and a satisfying revenge aspect. At the very least, I think I'll enjoy the visuals and music.

I also got my swatch of curtain fabric today. It's absolutely perfect. I love it. The color variegation is subtle, the print motif is timeless/modern, and it just looks spiffy. I'll have to order my couch swatches now.
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