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Worst. Click trap. Ever.

So I've been very busy researching interior design stuffs. I would like to put up my ideas and tentative plans in the near future...but first...I found an e-commerce site that chafed my ass enough for me to write a complaint to their feedback email. I've been looking for high-quality sofas, and I found a site with a great warranty, skilled crafters, etc. Sounds good, right?

Well, I habitually middle-clicked on a couch to view it in a new tab. (Bluetooth has been sketchy for me for ages. It finally pissed me off enough to plug in a third-party USB keyboard and mouse. This mouse has the standard assortment of buttons.) And I got a "no u cant save our pictuers!111!" alert that would. Not. Die. I had to quit Firefox to get it to go away.

What the hell, people?

So their feedback department got a love note from yours truly:

I'm running Firefox 1.5 on Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther), and I use a third-party USB mouse with a click wheel. I habitually middle-click website links to open them in new tabs. When I middle-clicked a couch on your website, I got an alert about not being permitted to save images from the site. As I will explain, middle and right click-trapping alerts are inherently irritating and useless, but this one was especially irksome because it would not go away. I had to quit Firefox to get it to stop.

First off, this script does not protect your intellectual property at all. Anyone can view the page source and save the image, turn off JavaScript, get the image from the page info, or take a screenshot of the page. Second, it hampers customers' harmless browsing habits, and in my case, it forcibly ended my web browsing session. I am looking to purchase high-quality sofas for my soon-to-be-renovated living room, but I will not return to omgBALEETEDurl. There are many other furniture sites that do not interfere with a basic functionality of my user interface, let alone force me to close my browser if I happen to click the wrong button.

Please consider removing this script. A much more practical way to protect your images would be to visibly watermark them so no one could pass them off as their own work. Thank you for your time.
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