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I've wanted a dress form for quite a while. After a buttload of research (including reading every dress form review and opinion I could get my paws on), I decided on a 3/4 model from Fabulous Fit. To make a long story short: a pad-to-fit form from Fabulous Fit adjusts in ways that the standard dial-based forms cannot. It can be pinned anywhere (like on the standard seams - essential for draping - impossible with dial-based forms, which split along those lines). It squishes (essential if you want to use it to fit corsets). It did cost me about $400, including shipping, but it's going to be so worth it in the long run. It looks like one of the most affordable and versatile professional-grade dress forms out there.

I'm not sure why, but recently I've gone on a home redecoration kick. Maybe it's because we've been living here for nearly four years and the decor still screams PREVIOUS OWNERS, and their idea of decor is a far cry from mine. I like things that are simple and timeless and go well with other simple and timeless stuff. I like neutral cool colors and nature themes. Our living room looks like a Pepto Bismol explosion. I am looking into getting rid of the stodgy pink curtains in our living room. (The pink carpet is going to wait until it gets annoyingly worn. It really isn't that bad, and replacing it is a much more bothersome and expensive endeavor than I want to deal with right now, especially if I want to replace it with hardwood. People take out loans for that sort of renovation.) The windows are all weirdly sized - and the front one is about 12' wide - but I found some awesome metal decorative curtain rods at Lowe's that should adjust to all of them. (And they have spiffy finials, including acorns! Yay acorns!) I'm not sure exactly what I want for new curtains, but they'll be simple (probably tab top) and made of cat-resistant fabric. (The cats learned very quickly to stay away from the existing ones, but why tempt fate?) The weird window width isn't an issue with those sorts of curtains. I would just buy multiple panels that got slid around as needed. I don't like valances, and you don't need them with a decorative rod anyway.

The next functional change to my office should be easy. Move the wooden dresser thingy elsewhere. Measure the resultant space. Get a giant wire shelving unit that fits there. Pile my sewing machine and organized boxes of sewing materials on said shelf. Rejoice.

I hope that a rubber door stop wedged between the sliding closet doors will cat proof them well enough for the time being. Chester finally defeated the bathroom closet security system, so I have to leave the bathroom door shut 24-7 as long as I have cosplay work in the closet. Which is going to be for a few weeks. Gesso takes foreeeeever, and it turns out that it flattens the pieces as it dries, so I have to heat bend them again when I'm done. Thus, I can't even start painting the one piece that I'm done sanding. I'll have to finish all of them and do a final fitting first. Argh. At least I have 3 1/2 months to do this, the boot covers, and the feathers. It would be nice to make new claws to match, but if I don't have time, it's not a big deal. I'm still happy with my old ones, even if the paint colors aren't quite the same as those of Armor 2.0.
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