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New icon

Today was a day for reorganization. y goodbai to old computer desk and pointless large hunk of furniture. y helo thar new computer desk and folding table for cutting fabric. Next I need to get latches for the closet because it has double-decker rods - PERFECT for hanging fabric to store it. But it is not cat-proof, which is why my fabric is currently shoved into assorted Rubbermaid storage bins. Big thanks to my ogre and Zeriel for helping out. I'd wanted to do this for, well, a year, but I kept putting it off because cleaning up and breaking things down and taking them out and hauling things upstairs and putting them back together seemed like a monumental task. (Icon-related pun not intended. Really.)

Speaking of which... *points to new icon* Or should I say... *icon points at you* (And not necessarily in Soviet Russia.)
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