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Random update

I figured out a variety workout scheme that I'm going to try and see how it goes. I don't let myself get to the point of fighting for reps, so I think it should be a manageable workload. I liked the first week thus far.

Monday - Heavy weight workout (3x5 squats, overhead presses, and bent-over barbell rows)
Tuesday - Fish's Round and Round (I only completed the 5 and 6 rep rounds...bleh), 2x10 dumbbell snatches @ 10 pounds
Wednesday - Sleepytime
Thursday - Heavy lifting again
Friday - Fish again (I got through 7 reps this time)

I'd like to do Shovelglove on at least one day without any other lifting. The gym finally fixed the rowing machine, so I can do that as well.

We solved the problem of Otakon lodging. Randy contacted some friends who didn't have a room and were willing to split one, and I OMG h4x0red teh h0tel found a quad at the Wyndham for $271/night Thursday through Sunday. Somebody must have canceled. Given the location and the fact that it's a quad, it's not a bad price. Methinks I shall be bringing Zhang He this year after all. Woopty fricking w00t.
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