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An especially crappy cold came around. Randy caught it and shared it with the rest of the class (i.e. me). I only had to miss one day of work, but it did fuck up my workout schedule for the rest of the week. And for some reason, though I'm finally feeling better today, my appetite has gone AWOL along with my sense of taste. Bleh.

At least I did get some more done on my armor. I just got finished gluing cotton duck upholstery piping around the edge of a pauldron. This was easy but tedious. First you get it all in place with masking tape. Then, a little at a time, apply E-6000 to the edge of the pauldron and retape the piping. After that dries, it's time to flip the piece over and glue the seam allowance underneath the piece. (I did this instead of trimming it flush because I thought it looked better to completely wrap it around the edge, and I will be covering the raw edges underneath later on anyway.) This is the really tedious part because you have to glue the bottom layer of fabric to the pauldron and glue the fabric layers together - and the tape likes to come undone - but at least it's basically impossible to screw up. I have to do the other one today, then cover the joints between the ends of the piping with Gem-Tac, then wait till that cures, then get and apply gesso.

And then...a picture. Finally. Woo-hoo.

Novel revision is chugging along. I'll make a big to-do when the second draft is done and happily send it to anyone who's interested. For all three of you who have read the first draft - you will recognize large chunks of text from it, and the very beginning is the same, but it's already significantly different from what I banged out during NaNoWriMo, and I'm only on my 11th single-spaced page.
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