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E-6000, we love you

Don't mind me. For some reason, babbling about my work ad nauseam encourages me to do more. It's also helping me get past my writer's block...and when I'm doing something new, I think it's a good idea to write about it during the process so I have notes for adding to my articles.

Speaking of, the hell with's the new cosplay site with its whopping three articles and no costume writeups or visual aids yet. Woo fricking hoo. It's still not linked off the main page, but y'all can go look anyway. The articles are lengthy and detailed, so I figure it's worth sharing.

I'm done gluing Xiahou Dun's sunburst. The outer strip of vinyl tubing was somewhat of a pain in the ass, but it's weighed down and curing and it should stay put.

I started sticking together the darts of Zhang He's armor. My first attempt at this failed, but I discovered the trick pretty quickly. I tightly taped the dart together with several small pieces of masking tape. Starting at the point, I undid the tape, spread E-6000 in the crack (squeezing a small blob of glue onto a craft pick so I could squidge it in there without making a mess), and retaped the dart. I'm afraid to fully untape the seams right now - I'm going to wait 24 hours first - but they are holding beautifully, and it was a snap to scrape/pull off the extra glue ooze. I'm glad I didn't try this with craft foam because I really had to manhandle the foam to get the darts to close tightly. I was gripping it and twisting it and shoving the seam together by jabbing it with my thumb, and that would have definitely dented craft foam. This problem might be alleviated with a very strong and instant contact cement, but as I mentioned earlier, I can't work with that inside.
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