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12 March 2006 @ 11:14 pm
Wooldoor Sockbat pwns at bowling  
So I've been wobbling all over the place with this 14-pound hook ball for, well, the last 2 1/2 years. And I am finally getting it. For real. Seriously. Randy has this style of chucking the ball that works really well for him...and it works for me too. It makes sure that the ball hooks late (which makes it easier for me to aim), and it makes it easier for me to keep the proper form of putting it out in front of me with the follow-through that makes it spin. (My main problems were dropping it too early and not following through.) For a very long time, I really wasn't strong enough to handle the ball (huh huh huh). More recently, I overworked my forearm and hand muscles by being a bit too overzealous about rowing (it's so much fun and so low-impact and so easy to go up to ass-busting intensity because you're having so much fun and listening to your favorite music), so I would crap out while bowling. I toned down the intensity of my rowing workouts, and the rowing machine has been broken recently anyway, so that takes care of that problem.

Anyway...I did very well tonight, and I did so by sticking to that throwing style.



I will crack the hell up if anybody else from the Northland Sunday night bar league comes across this. If you do, say hi and stuff.
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axiasaga on March 13th, 2006 06:49 am (UTC)
This has nothing to do with bowling but rather your gif. I knew it was wrong!

Yet another reason (aside from the mercedes like mine I found on Seinfeld) to install my ViVo software...