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Going nucking futs

My wedding is a little over a week away, and things still feel so unfinished. I thought I was going to have everything planned with time to spare, but's still nutty. We even had to run down to Pittsburgh on Tuesday for some final stuff (dress fitting, meeting with minister, and that all-important marriage license - we could have gotten that here, but it was easier to just take care of it when we had already taken off work). I have been keeping up with lifting. I'll post the workout backlog later tonight...I promise.

At least all of this hassle will not involve a legal name change. I won't grouse at other people who choose to change their names upon marriage, but that option isn't right for me. I already have a perfectly good surname, thankyouverymuch. A more detailed essay explaining this decision will be posted on Meow Mix in the next couple of days, including a rant about sexist titles as an extra bonus. Yay for rambles.
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