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Volara foam wins the internets

Yeah. I really am happiest when I have a bunch of projects going at once. I am working on all of them. RLY. Here is the proof.

The foam has arrived, and I started working with it. I'm now 99% sure that I have located the mysterious Yui foam. This. Stuff. Is. The. Bizzomb. Cutting cleanly and heat shaping are a snap. Scissors rarely leave any jagged edges, and if they do, they can be trimmed off. And because the surface of the foam is so durable, it can be taped temporarily. (I want to shape the pauldrons as well as possible before cementing the seams because I'm rather paranoid about putting dried contact cement over the stove, and I can't shape them properly without joining the seams, so the tape is important.) You can tape craft foam like that, but you have to be careful. (And with regular EVA foam, it's a lost cause. You'll put the tape on for 5 minutes and it will rip the surface when you pull it off. Yuck.)

Feh...I don't really feel up to trying vinyl lamination for this particular project. I don't think that it has enough stretch to fit over the pauldron curve without wrinkles, so I would have to remove the fabric backing, which is uncharted territory. And if you screw up the lamination, you screw up the piece, and I would have several different things to screw up - the initial purple layer, the gold curlicue decoration, the gold outer trim. At least I can use the vinyl I bought for the boot covers or leg warmers or whatever I decide to do. It will be perfect for that.

I patterned Zhu Rong's skirt this weekend. It took about 1 1/2 hours. It's a simple wrap skirt, but it required butt darts to fit properly. I have enough leftover Monterey Mills cheetah fake fur to make the entire costume, which makes me very happy. Said fur ROCKS, but it's expensive, and I didn't really feel like having to order more. I've been figuring out how I'm going to make the top. I'll have to hunt for a good triangle bra to cover, or maybe I can just bullshit a top from scratch. It's not like I need support. Being on the boobie A-Team does come in handy sometimes.

aitai wants to put together a Crystal Chronicles group at some point in the future, and she suggested that I dress up as a selkie. The costume is so cute I couldn't exactly say no. It has this funky mock pleated skirt (the hemline is weird and irregular, so real pleats would be basically impossible) that stands out in a bell curve, and I found a website explaining how to make an Elizabethan ruff by covering a hat wire frame with fabric, so I'm all ZOMG EXCITED to try that out for the skirt. I'd use a layer of cotton twill for the base and sew hemmed twill strips over it and use wide-wale corduroy for the bustier top and YAY FUZZY CRITTER WOOHOO. But the wig is puzzling me, and I'm not having it commissioned because that would cost a ridonkulous amount of money, and it's simple enough that I could probably figure it out myself.

I have this bizarre urge to cosplay Winry Rockbell just so I can wield a GIANT FUCKING WRENCH. I barely have any idea who she is and she's insanely overcosplayed, but still. GIANT FUCKING WRENCH. Somebody stop me.

My dream costume is still Double Dynamite Twinrova, and I sporadically look into the possibilities of making a corset for the top. I've found simple patterns that are good for beginners (Laughing Moon makes one - I forget what it's called), but they have a straight across top, and I don't know how feasible it would be to extend that up into points. I know I could shape the neckline with hat wire, though.
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