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I have Nucleus set up all spiffy and shiz...but I don't feel comfortable launching with barely any content. I've been working on some long and detailed articles about craft foam work, basic armor patterning, and fiberglass, and they're basically done, but the patterning one sorely needs visual aids (I actually remembered the entire process of coaxing a shoulder pauldron pattern from a circle traced from a random Frisbee, but it's awfully confusing without a photo of the finished product), and my camera is being a popyhed.

As far as reviving the rest of my written content goes, I dug my IRC Bible Tales out of my ancient blog database backup. skurtchasor can rejoice now, especially because I'm trying to find more stories that translate well into an amusing chat. I've also realized that I have an insane backlog of random media reviews that I can share, but I haven't gotten around to typing up any of them yet (though I did articulate my opinion of Brokeback Mountain on a message board - and I have a review of The Ring in DB backup and I'm happy with that - so there's a start OMG weeeeee), and I'm not starting on that now because I need sleep.

Oh yeah, and I benched 105 pounds 3 times yesterday. That's the best I've done at that lift. Ever. Sure beats having a double biceps tendon impingement and barely being able to press at all, eh? y goodbai thar 1 1/2 years ago!
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