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So I screwed around with my coney pyramid thing some more...

...and I now have a pattern very similar to this guy's pauldrons. Starting with the pyramicone, I put a 2" wide strip in the center seam, then steepened the angle of the bottom half, then drew the rounded outline. Then I flattened it back out again and traced it to make a pattern that isn't all torn up where I kept adding and removing masking tape. (Now to just remember how I came up with the pyramicone to begin with...but I'm pretty sure I just made a cone and then screwed with the shape of its outer edge...)

I like how that guy approximated the boots. Zhang He's DW3 outfit actually has that sort of leg warmer design. I think I'm going to do Boots 2.0 in a similar way.

Oh yeah, and go see Mirrormask if you haven't already. It's an awesome Alice in Wonderland sort of tale about a girl who winds up in a dreamworld based on things she drew. She's quite a prolific artist, covering an entire wall of her room with all manner of surreal sketches. I liked drawing in art class, but I tend to be more inspired to create music and words, so I haven't done any sort of sketching other than making patterns for costumes. But I did enjoy going nuts making random surreal I got a sketchbook to cart around with me.

I think I am happiest when I have multiple creative endeavors to choose from.

Oh yeah...and I made a buttload of progress on my website. The cosplay site theme is almost done. It's just a palette swap of the blue theme...but eh, I like it, and I can always tweak subtleties later. I'm currently figuring out how to get Nucleus to display archives and categories and whatnot as a list of links to entries instead of just the entries one after another, but I found some info on their message boards about this and it seems to be working, so yay.
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