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Had an off night at bowling. I really need to go practice if I want to get better. Methinks me shall stop by the lanes after work tomorrow and play a few games by myself.

The best thing about the Super Bowl is that I got a coupon for 25% off the supplies for a quilting or knitting project because I guessed the winning team. j00licious got one, too, so we went to the quilt and yarn store on Saturday to get stuff. The problem was that I didn't have a project in mind, but I've been thinking about quilting for a while, so I picked out a suitable for beginners pattern consisting of an assload of squares. The problem was that I needed over thirty different fabrics (no kidding), and it took about an eon and a half to pick them out and get them cut, so we were late going back to the house for the Star Wars RPG. Oops. I have no freaking clue when the quilt is going to actually get done, but I was happy to get stocked up on supplies at a discount. (The best quilting fabric is pricey.)

I started the second draft of Resonance (my NaNo). zeriel gave me some interesting feedback about the difference between dream logic convenience and deus ex machina that comes off like something from a video game. I also had some random thoughts about how I wanted to improve the beginning of the story. Don't expect this revision to be done for a while. =P

I haven't done too much more work on my armor patterns. Blergh. But I did run the kickass armor dude site through Google Translate, and between that and some searches of McMaster-Carr, I think I found the foam he uses. It's polyethylene closed-cell foam, and it's stiff (comparable to a tennis ball) and actually quite cheap - $1.04 per 24" wide yard of white 1/4" foam. It's available in other thicknesses as well. I ordered a bunch of it to play with. If the vinyl lamination technique doesn't work out for me, I can at least paint the foam (and hide the seams of the funky curved pieces with gesso and a stippled paint job). I'm pretty sure that this is the same type of foam that Yui uses for her armor o' mexcellence. I've seen in-progress work of hers with cleanly cut lines that are basically impossible to get from craft foam.
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