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This guy's complex curve patterning skills are complete and utter pwnage. He's like the Chuck Norris of making nifty crap. The guy made pointed curved horns out of flat pieces of foam. Seriously. Look for the picture where the pattern pieces are shown.

How in the fudging heck do people manage to do things like that? I just want to make a rather simple complex curve (quite similar to 1/4 of the surface of a 3D ellipse) for the shoulder pauldrons of Zhang He Armor 2.0, and my attempt at drafting it wound up looking like a deformed cone. Feh. I can probably use my w00t m4th sk1llz to draft a petaled pattern that closes to a spherical surface and then try to mess with it from there.

By the way...I am going to jump into the realm of vinyl-laminated foam for that armor redesign. I do like the mottled paint job on my existing armor, but the OMG SHININESS of vinyl is DAMN impressive, and vinyl lamination is the only way to get a seamless complex curved surface on craft foam. (I am NOT trying fiberglass armor again for a damned long time, thankyouverymuch. It involves far too much calendar time, mess, and effort for my current living situation. I would at least want a workshop first.)

Oh. And speaking of cosplay, I'm working on the content of the upcoming I finished a basic article on craft foam armor, and I'm typing a very longwinded explanation of the construction of Xiahou Dun's Kirin Sword thus far. VERY longwinded. Woohoo. So things are moving along.
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