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30 January 2006 @ 12:36 am
Bizarro scary dreams  
I had a dream this morning that scared the shit out of me. I awoke with my heart racing and it took a while to settle down. But...the dream itself did not make any sense.

I was at Schnitzel's, a local restaurant in a large old building. There was a stairway leading up to floors above that were roped off to visitors. I climbed to the third floor, which gave me a terrible feeling of mortal danger. It looked like an ordinary hallway with an ordinary door going into a room...but it felt wrong. So ungodly awfully wrong. As if it were very slightly off-kilter, like the door to Room 1408 in that Stephen King short story*. I knew that I had gone into that room before and something there had been dangerous or scared me horrendously or both, and I had this nagging curiosity to look again, but I just couldn't do it. I turned around and went back downstairs. I also knew that there were large wooden trap doors over the center of the lower floors and they opened from that room, so maybe I had been about to fall in before or something. There was also something to do with a piano. The floor below looked exactly the same - and I had been practicing piano in the rooms around that hallway at some point.

At any rate...nothing bad happened within the dream, but I woke up with that awful feeling, and it stayed with me for a while.

What the fudge is wrong with my brain? I was reading Stephen King ('salem's Lot, to be exact) before bed last night, but nothing in that would explain this strangeness. And there is a Schnitzel's Tavern in an old building, but it's nothing at all like the fucked-up architectural impossibility in my dream, and nothing there has ever bothered me. Same goes with the music building at Penn State, which has many piano rooms that I've used for practice. Maybe my brain was just in "GAH" mode because Bagel and I had discussed horror stuff at length yesterday...but this dream was not at all relevant to the ideas we had been kicking around. Not at all.

Anybody else have horrible-feeling dreams like this? I hope I'm not alone. o_O

* NOTE: Room 1408 is haunted. A visitor goes into it and barely escapes with his life. He knows of its reputation beforehand, and he starts to sense that something is wrong before he even enters.
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