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Another clump of workouts

I love my workout routine. I love my gym. But...I'm getting really sick of one employee there worrying about my knees. Evidently they still teach the oldy and moldy "squatting past 90 degrees is bad, umkay?" in kinesiology school. Never mind that there's no epidemic of knee fuckups among powerlifters (who squat below parallel) and Olympic lifters (who squat ass to the grass, bouncing up from the bottom of the lift). Never mind that stopping and reversing directions in the middle of a squat is much worse than going all the way down, as there are some heavy shear forces on your knee joint at that part of the lift. He claimed that this assertion of his is supported by research. Somehow, I doubt that said research was recent, if it even exists. I'm guessing that this particular piece of exercise "wisdom" just refuses to die because it gets written into textbooks that nobody ever questions. That also seems to be the case with the whole notion of fat-burning zone (i.e. low-intensity cardio being best for fat loss), which was discredited in 1994 by Tremblay's interval training study but is still a prevalent myth. Hell, I even see it on cardio machines at the gym. They should have an interval training zone on there instead. =P

On a more positive note...I decided that I needed to learn to keep my shoulder blades tucked under during bench presses because I'd sometimes get weird twinges in my shoulders from the exercise, and I've read that this protects them and gets you a stronger lift as well. On Friday, I concentrated on doing this, and I think it really helped with my last set. ^_^


Speed squat - 2x2 @ 50 pounds, 3x2 @ 55, 3x2 @ 60
Deadlift - 3 @ 65, 3 @ 95, 3 @ 130, 3 @ 135 (sort of fugly but YAAAAAAAY)
Bench press - 6 @ 45, 6 @ 65, 6 @ 85, 3 @ 90 (meh, it was worth a shot =P)


Speed deadlift - 2x2 @ 65, 3x2 @ 75, 3x2 @ 80
Bench press - 3 @ 45, 3 @ 70, 3 @ 90, 3 @ 95 (again...not the pertiest reps ever, but I got all the way down and back up again, so w00t)
Squat - 6 @ 45, 6 @ 70, 6 @ 90, 3 @ 95 (tried a wider, more PL stance this time...and I probably could have gotten one more on the last set, but things were starting to fuglify and my legs were toasty)
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