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Whoa. Where do I even begin?

I have a lot to write about, and that overwhelms me, so I put off updating my LJ, and then yet more to write about comes along. It's a vicious cycle. So here's a very general State of the G-funk.

I made some more progress on the domain update. The Photoshop Fairy has arrived at my house (y tanx u thar coworker of Randy's who had an unused OS X license - I'm really serious - he did), but I was almost done with my stuff in Gimp, so I haven't tried it yet. I discovered that a 2x2 checker pattern + whirl and pinch + make seamless = SERENDIPITY. I had wanted a subtle flowing background for content boxes, and that did the trick.

Working out is going well. I seem to have fixed my crepitus problem, so I'm happily squatting heavy again. My upper body is happy, too, and I do dog series after lifting to help keep it flexible. Right now, I'm doing Starr's 5x5 as planned plus two days of aerobic exercise. My favorite form of that is the rowing machine because it keeps me flexible and it's deceptive. It doesn't seem that difficult, and then you're huffing and puffing and you get up after your workout and discover that your ass doesn't work any more.

We're bowling in the bar league again. Huzzah. For not having bowled since last spring, I'm doing OK. My wrist is better than it used to be and thanks to a guy on the (really amusing and friendly) team we bowled last night, I now have grip tape in my thumb hole, which is helping quite a lot already. Feeling the ball slipping off my thumb was really messing me up. I think the thumb hole is a bit too big, but eh, the tape does the trick.

I've been incredibly lazy about organizing a work space for myself. Blah. And I've also been lazy about getting back to work on Randy's costume. Double blah. Maybe I can kick my rear in gear this weekend. I want to redo his pennant armor out of craft foam and styrene (which, as I have discovered recently, can look awesome if you're anal-retentive enough, and believe me, I am...and because the pieces are flat and I have time to spare to let them sit, I can glue everything together with E-6000 or possibly even Mod Podge, thus avoiding the mess and warping problems hot glue gave me every damn time I tried to use this technique in the past), and I don't need lots of room for that. I can just let the stuff dry under a box in the basement.

Chester is sleepy on a shelf next to me. Cookie has become quite the lap cat recently. She also likes to curl up in a shoebox and be passed around when company comes over. I don't get it, but it's adorable.
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