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General update

I've been on my first crazy holiday air travel misadventure. O'Hare was a clusterfuck of fog and cancelled and delayed flights. Ernie and Ai rule for driving us up there (because the flight out of Bloomington was so late it may as well have been cancelled) and putting us up for the night when we found out that our flight to D.C was also severely delayed to the point where we would have missed the flight from there to State College. It was great to get to spend more time with friends. We got rebooked for the next day, and we had a monster layover in D.C., but that was OK with me because it gave us time to enjoy dinner at the nifty wine bar there. That's right...gourmet airport food, and it wasn't that pricey either. Oh, and the plane to D.C. was a giant Boeing with comfy seating and super fun personal LCD screens giving updates (with a map) of where the plane was, so hooray for that.

I have all these wacky plans for things I want to do with the house this year. First off is setting up my office so it can be used as a sewing room. I have a new desk for the computer that will help quite a lot, and after we get it set up, I can shop for a good folding table and collect more storage bins to stack my stuff in. As a more long-term project, I would like to redo the living room to look more pulled together and more "us". The curtains do their job, but I don't like their style very much. I do like the look of plain wooden furniture, so the entertainment center can stay, and we can get a nice futon frame for the mattress that's sitting on a rather crappy one. (The other futon already has a frame that looks fine to me.) I also want a kotetsu - a low table with a heater underneath. Thar and Anna have one on the porch, and arrgghbllrgggh is it ever comfy. Can we tell I'm fond of Japanese interior design? At any rate, the first thing I'm doing is trying to figure out a color scheme. The carpet (which will not be replaced anytime soon, as that involves a lot of work and money and it is in great condition, so why bother) is light pink, which honestly isn't that bad. But when it is replaced, I'm certain we'd go with a light brown carpet or bare hardwood. Thus, I'd like the color scheme to work with both pink and neutral beige/wood colors. I'd also like it to have a calm nature feel to it. (I hope that makes sense.) I've heard that there are over twenty traditional Japanese color seasons, and I'm trying to find a comprehensive list because I think it would be interesting and inspirational, but I'm not having much luck on Google. I know that multiple people on my friends list are much more familiar with Japanese tradition than I am, so I would appreciate any help if possible. ^_^

Diet Cherry Vanilla OMGWTFBBQ Coke tastes like some strange pastry. In a good way, though, so I'll continue to drink it, but I am going to miss plain old vanilla.

I started Bill Starr's 5x5 again. Yay picking up heavy shit. And I discovered that good cottage cheese + chopped-up apple + cinnamon, all mixed up and allowed to sit in the fridge for a while so the flavors combine = heaven.
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