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y helo thar from Annacon

It took three planes and about eight hours to get here. It was still much better than driving.

I was getting a cold when we left. I still have it. Or maybe I got another one. This year's party is basically an upper respiratory germ factory. At least I never felt too crappy. The worst I did was fall asleep randomly for a few hours. Luckily Nahks and Rosie brought a pharmacy's worth of cold medicine with them. I'm nearly better, but I'm not in the mood for the traditional New Year's Eve tipsiness. Meh. There is other fun to be had, though. Somebody whose name I can never remember has a random stash of crappy '80s TV on VHS. Thus, we were treated to the hilarity that is the He-Man Christmas Special. Of course, there was much commentary from the peanut gallery. Funny how the cartoons never seemed quite that cheesy when I was little. Other than that, I've been going between social activities and more quiet and/or solitary stuff (practicing on Anna's electric piano, playing Dynasty Warriors 5: Xtreme Legends, watching people play Katamari out on the porch, reading an interesting book about the life of a geisha).

All in all, it's been fun. I miss my little ones, but Josh and Julia have been keeping them company, so they should be holding up OK. Still, I'm sure we'll get lots of kitty attention when we head home.
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