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Travel plans for New Year's

Once again it is time to look forward to winter vacation.

Randy and I decided that we want to take Mr. Airplane again this year. And I thought it would be worthwhile to save ourselves hassle and fly out of the State College airport. We are going to Pittsburgh for Christmas (HI MOM!), but I'd prefer to drive back home before the trip instead of having to coordinate getting to and from the Pittsburgh airport (which entails pestering someone for a ride - HI MOM! - or paying for parking or cab fare to and from) and then having to drive home afterward. I thought the convenience of leaving from State College would be worth the extra cash required for the connection.

Much to my surprise, it costs about the same to fly to Bloomington-Normal from here as it does to Chicago O'Hare, and it fit within the amount of money we were willing to spend on plane tickets. Thus, the tickets have been purchased. We leave on December 27 and return on January 2. The outbound flight departs at the buttcrack of dawn, but that's what you get if you want the cheapest tickets possible. At least the return flight isn't nearly as bad, leaving at around 2:30 in the afternoon.

Now I'm all antsy and stuff. OMG OMG an entire week of goofing around with some of my bestest friends ever OMG OMG PEANUT BUTTER JELLY WITH A BASEBALL BAT
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