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Weeee...that was fun

iPod Nano, you're the one...

You make cardio lots of fun...

Yeah. I got a 2 gigger. Its name is Wafer. I set it up and chucked a bunch of my favorite rock music on it and took it to the gym tonight. I almost finished the 9-rep round of Round and Round (had to skip the pushups because my upper body was being a real candyass), and then I got on the elliptical and went three miles. Yes. Three. At a good clip, too. I had forgotten that favorite upbeat music just has this way of getting me to the high end of the moderate cardio range without even thinking about it.

The Nano is everything I wanted from an mp3 player. It has just enough weight to feel about as solid as something that dinky possibly can without being obtrusive. In its armband, I basically forget it's there. It interfaces beautifully with iTunes. Its own interface rocks (I love how the touch dial functions as the volume control while the music is playing).

The only problem is that I want some new headphones. Upon the suggestion of the Best Buy guy, I bought a pair that have clips that slide over the back of your ears. They're fine for lounging around, but when you're bouncing up and down, they tend to scoot and I kept adjusting them out of fear that they were going to fall off. The plain old standard earbuds might work better.

But yeah, I love my new toy.
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