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I beat teh NaNo. The guy at the end was hard.

Now I have to figure out how I want to distribute the rough draft to those of you who wanted to read it. To recap, it's a horror mystery inspired by the Silent Hill series. (A bunch of Dead Zone influence crept in while I was working on it, too.) I can't promise that it's horrific, but I think it's at least creepy and interesting. Gore-wise, it's no worse than a typical Stephen King story. The most disturbing aspect of it is probably the backstory, which evolved quite a lot from the single random image that spawned it and is lumpy in parts but surprisingly cohesive for a giant pile of bullshit that I did not plan in the slightest.

I've already sent the giant text file to yuda. Comment if you would like a copy. I don't particularly care to upload it anywhere just yet because I'm paranoid of people seeing it out of context and going "ZOMG teh Rydian sux0rz at riting lol". Please don't feel that I expect a detailed critique, but I would appreciate suggestions to keep in mind when I revise it. All I had in mind when I began the story was an opening scene and a dysfunctional backstory having to do with the freaky shit that ensues, but it basically blew up from there, so of course there are inconsistencies, things that do not make complete sense, and whatnot. And without spoiling anything, let's just say that I need a major refresher course in how a child would actually form sentences and choose vocabulary. Argh. I was a precocious kid, so I am a poor test case.

There is a novel editing month coming along in March, but I don't know if I'll officially participate because the goal is 50 solid hours of typing. Yeah. That doesn't take into account the all-important aspect of THINKING about how you're going to revise your writing...and it's much more difficult to measure than 50,000 words. How long can you stop typing before it counts as a break? Not to mention that I am a speed typist, so I would be pretty well screwed. I may follow along, setting a goal of doing 50 hours of editing work. We'll see. Anyway, give me a holler if you want to read my crapola.
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