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I haven't talked about my speed-written novel in a while, but I have been working on it. Quite intensively, in fact. According to the official text file word counter on the NaNo site, I have 48071 words. That's less than 2000 words left and two days in which to write them. I'm damned proud of how well I caught up. I did write some redundant blather padding in my story today, but I'd say that the rough draft is at least 90% relevant and non-redundant. I was getting a case of the "ZOMG my story is crap ohnoes" random self-doubts earlier this week, but I think that's pretty common. You all will hear from me when the thing is done. Which will probably be tomorrow. I want to get it out of the way so I'm not going crazy on Wednesday and then hoping I don't upload it a few minutes too late. I didn't work this hard to fail my word count by accident.
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