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*peers around nervously*

I'd been curious about Silent Hill 3, but I was reluctant to buy it because I'd heard that it was scarier than the first game, which I tried to play and totally chickened out of. I should also mention that I took two years to get to the end of Silent Hill 2, and I never actually got around to beating the boss. I love psychological horror (The Ring scared me shitless although my rational mind knew that the events in the movie couldn't have possibly happened in real life) and freaky environments, but if they work too well, I wuss out and don't want to play the game any more.

At any rate, after reading that SH3 came with a game soundtrack CD, I broke down and bought it. And I almost did put it down. I picked Easy action mode, but the game is fairly difficult early on, especially if you're a klutz like me. While navigating the first area, you have to run past these large annoying enemies a minimum of three times. When they hit you, it HURTS, and you barely have any ammo to kill them with (your one melee weapon - a knife - doesn't do Jack Shit) or health recovery items to heal yourself with if they get in some good licks as you desperately try to get around them. I got pissed off because the first time I tried to get past this area, I wound up with low-normal health and no more first aid stuff, so I had to restart in order to not get screwed if I ran into any more enemies that weren't easily evaded. The good thing is that this got me some practice in baddie avoidance, so now that I got to the next part of the board, which is crawling with these hosers, I'm actually doing quite well at running around without getting my ass kicked. I don't think I've even gotten hit by those guys at all. Maybe I'm actually acquiring some skill at survival horror. I don't want to try Resident Evil anytime soon, but I do like being able to hold my own on a difficulty that at least provides some danger and challenge. (SH2's Beginner action mode was an absolute joke, even though I spent more time fumbling around and bumping into walls than effectively killing anything.)

In other news, I'm changing my workout routine. I'm intrigued by this Canadian thingy that sjaustin seems to be getting kickass results from. I like this particular workout because it's simple yet effective, and I don't have to stop training chin-ups. (That's what assistance day is for.) It will be weird lifting four days a week instead of three, but somehow, I think I can deal with that. ^_^
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