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Anyone want to guess who got completely sucked into Castlevania: Curse of Darkness yesterday and wrote a big fat zero words for her NaNo novel?

At least the game kicks ass. It's 3D action/adventure, heavier on the action than on the adventure but with enough stuff off the beaten path to make it interesting to run around and with enough variety to the battle and character development system to keep it fun to beat shit up. You can raise powerful familiars to help and forge all manner of weapons and armor with stuff that you farm or steal from enemies. It isn't SOTN, but it is a lot of fun in a different way, and it doesn't have a crapton of annoying platforming to piss you off. (Kids, there's a reason your uncle G-funk never got into the 3D Mario games.) And at least I'm at a point now where I'm tempted to waste a ton of time evolving an uber-ogre to help me stomp everything, and that's something that's pretty easy to pick up and put down at will. I've lost the "OMG I have to see what's next oh holy shit it's 5 a.m. already?" frenzy of last night.

Which is a good thing. Time to write now.
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