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31 October 2005 @ 10:01 pm
Nifty crap I did:

Got through the 9-rep round of Round and Round. FINALLY. After my subpar Friday workout, this felt damned good. I managed to do the first four sets of dog series unbroken. I had to split up the last two sets of Hindu pushups. I felt like I was going to hork afterward, but I didn't, so yay.

Went to a spiffy local quilt and yarn shop with j00licious. I'm glad I never got around to permanently attaching the finished armor glove to the leg armor of Randy's costume because I found a much better blue print for the border. It's dark blue and rather crystalline but overall much darker and more Xiahou Dun-ish than the other stuff I had (which is pretty but looked too bright next to some of the other fabric and annoyed me). Yeah, that means I have to resew the glove, but I can deal with that. No deadline on a hella damn difficult costume makes Uncle G-funk much happier about the entire thing. I bought enough to make matching bias binding for the jacket. It was rather pricey but worthwhile. Quilt boutiques sell the highest quality print runs (believe me, ZOMG $2/yd for an identical print at Wal-Mart!111! is NOT a bargain - it is printed on crap fabric and has a good chance of bleeding like hell when you wash it), and I'll have enough fabric left over to save for later. I've been wanting to get into quilting because I really enjoy anal-retentive fussy detail work. This fabric would make an interesting stylized night sky or ocean background.

Bleh...so much for my Halloween costume. I have all the stuff. I just didn't have anywhere to wear it, really, and I didn't particularly care. Holly and Bagel's party was more like a general gathering of MUD people than anything else, and I pooped out of it anyway. When you're tired and cold and antisocial and the main attraction is chatting around a hookah in a room with all the windows open, it's really best to go to your friends' apartment downstairs and vegetate on the couch with a blanket, book, and large fluffball of a cat who insists on showing you his tighty whities every two minutes. (Not that I minded. And I'm sure he loved the constant fussing over him.) And a more reserved cat who keeps you company, too.
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A Bengali Menacehasudeva on November 2nd, 2005 09:27 pm (UTC)
Hindu... pushups?

The Heavy Metal Matador: South Park - Happyrydain on November 2nd, 2005 10:15 pm (UTC)
According to the guy who designed the workout, you do what's shown in these pictures is doing, and then from the last frame, you stick your butt back up in the air and do it again. I remember seeing a judo class do these years ago when I took karate at the same dojo, and I tried one and faceplanted. Needless to say, my upper body strength has improved by a crapload since then. ^_^