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Workout stuff

I'm still r0x0ring Fish's bodyweight workout of DOOM. Last Wednesday's wasn't so great because I was getting sick, but I am steadily improving. Right now, it seems to be the best form of resistance training for me. It challenges my upper body quite a bit while helping to keep it limber, and it works my legs without bothering the crepitus that appeared in my knees a couple of months ago. It seems to be a mild patellar tracking problem that I can probably fix with diligent stretching, tension release (rolling around on a foam noodle thingy that should arrive in the mail soon), and exercise that strengthens my quads without feeling weird. I've been taking long walks around town lately, too. I used to get a pretty good amount of "lifestyle exercise" of that nature, but I don't any more because I don't have much of a choice but to drive to work. If it weren't for my going to the gym to exercise, I would be sedentary, and I think that a lack of regular getting up and going is not helping any flexibility and stabilizer weakness issues I might be having with my legs. If the creakies don't get any better in the next month or so, time for another trip to the orthopedist.
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