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I dropped the bar on myself tonight. Well, sort of - I failed out in the middle of a rep and put it on my stomach so I could sit up. Ow. My bench press backslid, which annoyed me, but at least I'd gotten to the gym early, so I was able to do some broomstick box squats (the first time I've ever made use of an aerobic step - go figure) and figure out why the hell squats were feeling weird to me lately. It appears to be plain old tightness on the upper inside of my thigh. I have to figure out how to stretch the doohickey that magically became inflexible.

I've decided to give dieting a rest for a while and go back to maintenance calories. It's getting boring, and my strength gains have stalled. I'll still imbibe my protein shakes, stay away from simple carbs, and limit uber-junky goodness to weekends and small quantities. I'll just eat more food overall. I also need to do some research on powerlifting routines. I wanna squat my own weight, damn it. *pouts*


Cardio - HIIT on the rowing machine. Well, sort of. I did an extra interval, but my intensity wasn't quite where I wanted it to be because the seat was mistracking and I got a particularly nasty sore spot on my butt. Yes, again. If I'm rowing at a moderate pace, I'm fine, but if I speed up, my butt shifts around, which inevitably leads to chafing. I was going to use the other ergometer, which has a padded cutaway seat, but its display was dead, and I kinda sorta need to be able to time intervals (and seeing what wattage I'm outputting is a big help, too). Feh. Maybe I'll just use that machine and wing it, doing, oh, 15 fast strokes and then 30 moderate ones or something of that nature. Rowing is fun and effective, and I love being able to do HIIT right after leg day, but I'd like to keep the skin on my ass, thanks.


Barbell bench press - 5,5,4,4,3 @ 85 pounds (Weird. The first set felt great, but then I got all wussy. Then again, my diet today wasn't as good as it is usually, but I ate complex carbs before my workout, so I should have had enough energy. Bleh.)
Incline dumbbell press - 2x5 @ 30 (At least I got one more rep this week.)
Military press - 7,4,5 @ 50 (What an odd distribution of reps. o_O I got more than last time, though, so I'm not going to bitch. Hey, maybe that's where those extra bench reps went...)
Swiss ball crunch - 12,10 @ 10
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