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I see dumb people - beauty products of DOOM! edition

I love Sally Beauty Supply. They sell all manner of shampoos, conditioners (including generic Nexxus knockoffs that work very well with my hair), nice combs and brushes, nail buffers (why pay $20+ to the pushy tool at the mall kiosk when you can get the same thing for $3?) and cheap Kanekalon "hair" that makes decent braids to add to your own hair for Rikku cosplay. And the Sally in downtown Baltimore was a lifesaver this past Otakon when I needed to buy a few bazillion hairpins on short notice. However, they don't sell any small seamless combs (and I need one), and I always like to see what other unusual shampoos and conditioners are out there, so I was happy when I came across another beauty supply chain while randomly driving around tonight.

And then I saw the giant STOP sign on the door. Evidently if you can't produce a valid cosmetologist's license, you're not fit to even enter their hallowed floor space.

What the bloody hell is that all about? I know that some of the chemical products sold at these stores are for professional use only, and it would be reasonable to restrict sales of those products. But since the fuck when do I need to go to beauty school to learn to safely use garden-variety hair care products? If left to their own devices, do the unlicensed masses shove boar bristle brushes up their rectums and use conditioner as salad dressing? Somehow I never seemed to have that problem with anything I bought at Sally, nor did the products all converge upon my unprofessional self and administer a beatdown as soon as I set foot inside the store.

Really, though, is it that difficult to require a license for the "professional use only" products and allow the general public to purchase items that are, danger-wise, no different from what you can buy at any old grocery store? Or maybe the do sell brushes with a plutonium core and multi-part conditioner that turns into superglue if you screw up the proportions by .000001 gram. Either way, they obviously don't want my money, so I'll continue going to Sally and hoping that my Silkomb doesn't slit my throat in my sleep because I bought it without a license. ZOMG the horror.
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