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Potter Potter Potter Potter cosplay cosplay

So I finished the series. All I have to say right now is BUH WTF. I may write more detailed thoughts after I reread the salient parts of 6. But I've really gotten into the HP universe, and now I'm getting this crazy desire to whip up a random book canon Slytherin costume for Halloween (or the Goblet of Fire premiere if I can't get it done in time).

Why book canon? Well, I don't particularly feel like going through the trouble of recreating a uniform from one of the movies. The book descriptions of the school uniforms are pretty general. The students wear black robes and some indication of their house. I can't find any reference to what they wear underneath. The upshot is that this gives you freedom to make up your own specifics. The movie costumes were obviously based on standard school uniforms, which makes sense to me, and that's the sort of direction I'd take. It would be easy to put together a neutral outfit coordinating with a black robe and I would wind up with some more business casual clothes. I'd make the robe, but I could pick a pattern I liked and not fuss over the details. Speaking of which, I would have a striped scarf, but I'd have to figure out where else to add green and silver so all the rest of the little peons knew that I was in DA HIZZOUSE. And speaking of that...

Why Slytherin? I'm reliably sorted into Ravenclaw and Slytherins are by and large a bunch of tools...but they crack me the hell up. Potter Stinks badges! Weasley Is Our King! Random dumbass behavior! Weeeee!

I know aergryph cosplayed a Slytherin a while back. Has anyone else who is reading this made HP uniforms of some sort?
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