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It's fall already?

Cooler weather = excuse to bust out the Jnco's, which are nifty and great for carrying stuff around in (I once put a 1-liter bottle of Pepsi in the back pocket of my Fat Boys) but a bit too much for hot weather. They seem to confuse Mitch (who also said that my bridesmaids' dress colors made them sound like cars, so I suppose there's no accounting for fashion sense), but my boss thinks they're cool. =P

Why have I been having such a difficult time squatting lately? Gaaaah! >_< Halfway through my sets, I realized that I just don't like the wide-stance type, even though it is supposed to be best for lifting max poundages, so I switched back to a narrower stance and felt better. The funny thing is that if I trained my front squat for power, I'd probably kick my normal squat's ass in no time...but when I try wide-stance squats, my inner thighs start to feel, well, wrong right away. o_O Different strokes for different biomechanics, I guess. *shrugs*

Squat - 5x5 @ 80 pounds
Front squat - 2x6 @ 65
Stiff-legged deadlift - 8 @ 110, 8 @ 115, 7 @ 120
One-legged calf raise - 2x8 @ 35
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